Brush & Go by Noon Aesthetics 

Sun protection is important all year regardless of the season, however as we enter spring why not up your game and invest in Brush & Go.

Brush & Go is a translucent mineral powder with a matt finish and is totally talc free. It offers immediate optimal protection against harmful UVA/UVN, helps prevent sun damage such as sunburn and pigmentaiton disorders. 

It brushes on esily and conveniently anytime, anywhere…….

Directions for Use 

Shake gently, remove the cap and press the brush tip lightly against the skin in order to apply the mineral powder. to close, pull down on the bottom of the handle (do not twist) and replace the cap. 

NOON – Binding Aesthetics and Science 

NOON Aesthetics develops and manufactures a line of professional skin care, with the belief that quality, excellence and professionlism – combined with the industry’s leading innovation and technology – lead to impressive results and excellent skin conditions.

Founded in 2012 by skin care connoisseur and prominent chemist, Masha Minkin, together with technology innovation specialist, eran rosman, NOON Aesthetics has successfully entered the international skincare market. 



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