Eaten too much over Christmas?

Then TUMMY CONTOUR BY LIPOFIRM PRO is the treatment for you…..

Multi-Award winning, medically certified and clinically proven. The non-surgical tightening and toning solution to reshape and contour your tummy exactly how you want.

  • Fat Reduction 
  • Improve Muscle Strength 
  • Tighten Skin 

Specifically designed to target the tummy area this treatment not only provides fat reduction but also works on the muscles below the skin. This non-invasive treatment can be undertaken in your lunch hour and relies on a combination of technologies in one platform to make a remarkable difference to the way your tummy looks both after treatment and in the months thereafter. 

Treatment costs £95 per session and most people require a minimum of 6 sessions to achieve the desired result. 

Currently on offer – buy 5 sessions and get one FREE


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