Fuller Eyebrows and Eyelashes

  • Organic castor oil
  • Hair supplements
  • LED phototherapy
  • Massage
  • Brushing your eyebrows

All of above help with promoting health hair growth giving you fuller eyebrows and eyelashes in just a few weeks.  You just have to be consistent and do these things daily (excluding LED and massage – these are added bonuses to do as and when but not essential).

Eyebrow Grooming

Using wet soap (Palmolive soap is our favourite) and an eyebrow brush, brush your eyebrows upwards – it will last all day. The more you do it the more your eyebrows will naturally stay that way.

In our opinion, this is better than any eyebrow makeup grooming kit you can buy.

We say go natural if you can! You can have beautiful, natural, fuller, healthier eyebrows and eyelashes.

Fuller Lips

No need for injectable fillers! You can plump your lips using a facial cupping technique which takes less than a minute. This technique uses dynamic and flash cupping to instantly plump lips making them look fuller and healthier. 

Contact us to arrange a free consultation where we can show you the technique.

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