NEW Brush&Go SPF50

Upgraded eco-friendly packaging and a new formula.

Providing UVA/UVB/IR RAYS protection.

Not only helping protect you from the sun (sunburn, premature ageing, skin cancers and uneven skin tones) but also blue light such as mobiles, laptops, TVs, fluorescent and LED lights etc…. 

Brush&Go is enriched with Dead Sea minerals, promoting hydration.

Comes in multiple formulas for all skin types including problematic skin.

Great for men and women as it gives a matt finish. 

Why we need protection everyday? 

Sunscreen is an important health care habit that should be maintained all year, including the winter months.

Up to 80% of the suns rays (UV) can pass through clouds and snow increasing your risk of exposure to sun damage. Also the higher the altitude, the greater the UV exposure.

Noon Aesthetics Brush&Go SPF50 acts as a perfect solution to reapply sun protection throughout the day. Can be applied over make-up.

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