New Noon products added to The LUX clinic shop

We have been adding a few new products to the shop available via consultation.

Due to the high concentrations of these products, before you can purchase them, one of our practitioners will need to discuss with you your skin concerns and provide instructions on how to use the products correctly.
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New products found in the shop:

Hydrating & Energizing Booster

• Hyaluronic Acid
• Longa (Turmeric) Root Extract
• NEEM leaf – Melia Azadirachta Leaf Extract
Halo-Ronic Serum is composed of two types of Hyaluronic Acid
and a combination of Neem & Turmeric Extracts.
Hyaluronic acid provides hydration, anti-aging and radiance, the
extracts from the Neem tree are known to be ideal in moisturizing
skin and the Turmeric gel is a powerful anti-inflammatory and
moisturizing agent.
This top-rated serum is formulated to leave the skin more hydrated
and radiant as well as leave the skin’s immune system with a
higher level of essential energy.

Restart Serum

A comprehensive antioxidant range
for aging -related alterations

• Fullerene Radical SpongeTM
• Pure Resveratrol 1%
• APPS 2%
Prolonged oxidative stress (UV rays, air pollution, pesticides, and
aging) damages DNA, causes epigenetic alterations and promotes
the aging process.
Restart Serum contains a triple synergistic antioxidant composition
that will not only reliably protect the skin from the effects of
environmental stress factors, but also significantly improve the
condition of the skin.
• Photodamage and aging signs are diminished and replaced by
evident radiance and luminosity
• Helps fight pigmentations buildup

Smart Occlusive System (S.O.S)

• Occlusive Lipids
• Physiological Lipids Ensemble 3:1:1:1
Cholesterol 6% | Ceramides 2% | Fatty Acids 2%
• Anti-Oxidants
Ferulic Acid | Vit. E
S.O.S is a moisturizing & revitalizing cream for dry to very dry
skin that restores the function of the skin barrier and provides
a quick (Occlusive Lipids) and a long-lasting moisturizing
effect (Physiological Lipids Ensemble).

OMGTM Optimal Moisturizing Guardian

• Physiological Lipids Ensemble 3:1:1:1
Cholesterol 6% | Ceramides 2% | Fatty Acids 2%
• Anti-Oxidants
Moist FullereneTM | Ferulic Acid | Vit. E
O.M.G. is a unique composition of a physiological
corrective assembly of lipids in an optimal ratio
(3:1:1:1), which are incorporated into the damaged
protective barrier of the skin.
By nourishing the skin with lipids and providing
powerful antioxidant protection, the skin becomes
healthier, hydrated, smooth and flexible.