Our products include a clinical range of ingestible supplements packed with positive nutrition to help keep you beautiful and healthy on the inside and outside – these products are available exclusively from beauty professionals.

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Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid


Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid is a unique blend of hyaluronic acid and Bioactive Collagen Peptides specially formulated to visibly improve skin elasticity and moisture, wrinkles, cellulite, hair and nails in as little as four weeks. This product also aids wound healing and lubricates the joints.

Loss of Collagen with age

During the ageing process, skin loses its firmness, resulting in wrinkles and a loss of elasticity. Lines and wrinkles form as collagen starts to deplete. The depletion starts in the mid-twenties and increases as you get older.

Loss of Hyaluronic acid with age

As we age, the body’s ability to produce hyaluronic acid declines resulting in a significant drop in skin moisture, leading to visible signs of ageing including loss of skin elasticity and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


  • 65% increase in pro-collagen type I production.

  • 15% increase in skin elasticity.

  • 20% production in wrinkle volume.

  • Helps to improve wound healing.

  • Reduces appearance of cellulite.

  • Improves nail growth and density.

  • Increase skin moisture.

Directions Consume four capsules with water at bedtime.

Price £44.95 (30-day supply).

NB Lactose, gluten and dairy free. Not suitable for vegetarians. Refer to No16 Green Superfoods and Skin Radiance which are suitable for vegetarians.

No.16 Green Superfood


No.16 Green Superfoods is a blend of 16 micronutrient – rich green foods containing amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, enzymes, trace minerals and antioxidants. Sourced from green land plants, medicinal mushrooms, micro-aquatic plants and a mixed culture of lactose-free probiotics for a balanced intestinal flora.

Wellbeing in a teaspoon

Formulated to deliver micronutrients required to maintain optimum vitality and promote healthy digestion and skin health, as well as supporting the immune system. The blend is boosted with a medicinal mushroom complex to offer health benefits on cognitive function.


  • Increases energy levels and focus.

  • Boost immune function.

  • Improves cardiovascular health.

  • Combats sugar cravings.

  • Helps weight loss.

  • Is rich in antioxidants and probiotics.

  • Detoxifies the body.

  • Improves gut microbiome and digestive health.

  • Improves cognitive function and nervous system.

  • Anti-ageing.

  • Helps with stress and depression.

Consume five capsules a day (ideally morning or afternoon – with or without food).
Price £19.95 (30-day supply).
NB Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Allergen: Naturally occurring sulphite.

Skin Radiance


Skin Radiance is a revolutionary antioxidant-rich vegan formula targeting skin problems including uneven skin tone, dark circles, and redness and hyperpigmentation spots.

Skin Radiance promotes more luminous, brighter and firmer skin after only eight weeks of supplementation.

Skin Radiance works in partnership with the Proto-col range of collagen supplements. Its high content is boosted with added Zinc and Vitamin C, which contributes to normal collagen formation for normal function of the skin.

Delivering nature’s powerful antioxidants without the sugar

With each serving, Skin Radiance delivers a combination of powerful antioxidants to support the skins natural glow, protect the skins elasticity and prevent the signs of early ageing. A daily dose of two capsules delivers goodness of fruit without the sugar.


  • Reduces hyperpigmentation and age spots.

  • Reduces redness.

  • Reduces dark circles.

  • Evens skin tone.

  • Firms the skin.

  • Add moisture and glow to the skin.

  • Protects the skins elasticity.

  • Anti-ageing.

Directions Consume two capsules a day.

Price £34.95 (30-day supply).

NB Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.